Now, most all you single young men
Enjoy a good time, there's no fear
Of your freedom you crow, but mind how you go
If some merry widow is near
She'll hypnotise you, with a smile
She's been wed before, she'll explain
But life would be nicer if she were a twicer
She's ready and willing to marry again.

Chorus: Oh! beware, beware - of the widow so young and so fair
Do be careful of the snare,
For she's here, and she's there
And she's everywhere
It's all U.P. - when she sings you love's sweet song
Wedding bells they will ring, and your pals all sing
'Another good man gone wrong.'

She'll always catch you unawares
It gives a young man quite a turn
For she's smart as can be, you take it from me
A widow's got nothing to learn
You feel like a poor little fly
You see, on a hot summer's day
While cutting a caper, upon a fly paper
Gets stuck in the treacle, and can't move away.


You can't wriggle out of the net
When once you are under the spell
And, one morning no doubt, you'll wake and find out
You're married and settled as well
Tho' you deal in second-hand goods
When you wed a widow it's true
You may not regret it, and don't you forget it
Most second-hand things wear much better than new.

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1913
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
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