All in a day my heart grew sad
Misfortune came my way
I 'ad to learn the whole bitter truth
All in a single day
The bloke what I worshipped as I loved my life
After saying he'd make me his wife
Courted another girl on the sly
When I goes straight up to 'im 'Look 'ere Bill' says I

Chorus: 'Bid me good-bye forever
Never come back no more
Think of the 'eart you've gone and broke
Of the donah you used to adore
Marry the girl you fancy
I wish you luck I do
I mean to tarry, 'cos I'll never marry
If I can't be tied to you'

All in a day my brain went away
So all my people say
Under a keeper I 'ad to be
All in a single day
I never knew no one what called upon me
Till one day Bill came and 'e says Mog says 'e
'The gal that you saw I've decided not to wed'
Then my senses came back
And to my bloke I said


All in a day my heart grew glad
Good fortune came my way
Bill made 'is mind up to make me 'is wife
All in a single day
The girl what 'e courted was bad from the start
While Bill 'ad 'er and someone else 'ad 'er 'eart
When things was explained, this day week we got wed
And just now when I left Bill, for fun's sake I said

Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1898
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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