As you may suppose when you look at my clothes
I'm prince of the nautical swells
The fellows I meet take a very back seat
Whenever I flirt with the belles
No Marquis or Earl stands a chance with a girl
When in competition with me
It's always so, because don't you know
I'm the big heavy swell of the sea.

Chorus: The fellows look on me with a jealous eye
The ladies all adore me as I saunter by
They titter and they blush, then after me they rush
For the heaviest of seaside swells am I.

I talk of my yacht, my crew, and what not
My yacht's just now under repair
But that's by the way and the good people say
I'm a double distilled millionaire
When doing the Grand to the strains of the band
Escorted by girls two or three
I know there's a few who'd the same like to do
As the big heavy swell of the sea.


And there on the beach by soft moonlight I teach
Some charmer the way to make love
And swear by yon shore as I've sworn by lots more
That faithful and constant I'll prove
One angel's papa as he smoked his cigar
Asked news of the French Loteree
He opened his eyes when she said, 'The first prize'
Was the big heavy swell of the sea.


But weeks two and three see an end to my spree
My bills as a rule I don't pay
And flitting it down, measure ribbon in town
And dine upon ninepence a day
So if you should pop into some draper's shop
And be served by a fellow like me
You'll know more or less, that's the London address
Of the big heavy swell of the sea.
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