On one Summer's day, Sun was shining fine
The lady love of old Bill Bailey
Was hanging clothes on the line
In her back yard, and weeping (or crying) hard
She married a B. and O. brakeman dat took and throw'd her down
Bellering like a prune-fed calf, wid a big gang hanging 'round
And to dat crowd, she yelled out loud,

Chorus: 'Won't you come home, Bill Bailey, won't you come home?'
She moans de whole day long
'I'll do de cooking darling, I'll pay de rent,
I knows I've done you wrong
Member dat rainy eve dat I drove you out
Wid nothing but a fine tooth comb
I knows I'se to blame, ain't dat a shame
Bill Bailey won't you please come home?'

Bill drove by dat door, in an automobile
A great big diamond, coach and foot man
Hear dat big wench squeal,
'He's all alone' I heard her groan
She hollared thro' that door, 'Bill bailey is you sore ?
Stop a minute, won't you listen to me, won't I see you no more?'
Bill winked his eye as he heard her cry,

Published 1902 - Words & Music by Hughie Cannon
Performed by Victoria Monks (1885-1927)
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