Young Billy Green, who lives next door, is such a saucy boy
But still, I like him all the more for that
He says, when he's in trousers, he is going to marry me
Then we're going to live together in a flat
I've known him for a long time now, and oh he is so nice
He plays all sorts of games along with me
I wouldn't have a row with him because I like him so
And he's so fond of me as well, you see,

Chorus: Ev'ry morning as the clock strikes nine
Billy comes knocking at the door
Then together off to school we go
And back again at half past four
Once we played the truant, just for fun
But it didn't really matter so to speak
For I learnt more from Billy on the day we stayed away
Than teacher could have taught me in a week.

He draws funny pictures on my slate to make me laugh
But one day I forgot to rub them out
And when the teacher spotted them she nearly had a fit
And she gave poor Billy such an awful clout
Last night he did my home-lessons because they were so hard
Then I kissed him, see, and hugged him all my might
Then he said he'd be pleased to help me any other time
So I spects they will be hard again tonight.


The other boys all tease me about young Billy Green
They think he's very slow, and oh, so tame
Well, perhaps he is in some things, but it's more than once struck me
That he isn't quite as green, though, as his name
We play at trains in his back-garden nearly every day
Then he carries on just like a silly coon
He pretends to tip the guard to lock us in, and I know why
'Cause he kids himself we're on our honeymoon.

Written by Lawrence Gifford, Vesta Victoria & Alfred J Lawrance - 1907
Performed by Vesta Victoria (1874-1951)
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