Behold in me a maiden who is feeling sad,
Yearning for a wedding day.
It's just because I love a man I feel so bad,
Now that he has gone away.
Though I have his picture near,
It can't love and call me dear,
So I confess I'm hungry for some real live love.
How I wish that Bill were here!

Chorus: For when I walk, I always walk with Billy,
'Cause Billy knows just where to walk;
And when I talk, I always talk with Billy,
'Cause Billy knows just how to talk;
And when I dine, I always dine with Billy.
He takes me where I get my fill;
And when I sleep, and when I sleep,
I always dream of Bill.

It seems somehow each man I meet makes eyes at me,
But it only makes me blue;
And though each day a lot of handsome chaps I see,
To my sweetheart I'll be true.
I have kissed his picture till
It no longer looks like Bill.
If he knew what was waiting for him, he'd come home,
Then my heart with joy he'd fill.
Written by Joe Goodwin. Composed by James Kendis & Herman Paley - 1911
Performed by Beth Tate - The California Girl (born - 1890)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
Contributed by Jim Dixon - April 2014
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