One evening, through the busy throng
Two urchins pushed their way
Two little ragged orphans who
Together loved to play
A window full of birthday cards
Their fancy captured quite
With longing eyes the elder boy
Gazed on that window bright
The mottoes and the verses on
The various cards he read
Then drew his little playmate to his side, and said,

Chorus: 'If I had the wealth of London
All the cards I'd quickly buy
I would send them to my mother
Where the angels dwell on high
Is there room up there in heaven
For two orphan boys to play
I would ask my angel mother
On her next birthday.'

I watched the little fellows press
Against the window pane
I watched them sadly turn away
Then called them back again
I bought some of the choicest cards
And gave the youngsters two
Then for my own amusement, all
The stock I plodded through
I took one from the counter
And I thought 'Tis just the thing
To send to Windsor Castle to
Our grand old King.

Chorus: 'In the homes of peer and peasant
On the walls we see your face
In the hearts of true born Britons
You will ever find a place
You're a King the Empire's proud of
May all blessings come your way'
That's the card I'd send King Edward
On his next birthday.
Written and composed by F.V. Saint Clair - 1902
Performed by Miss Louie Hurman
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