I am but a poor blind boy
Still my heart is full of joy
Though I never saw the light
Or the flowers they call so bright
I can hear the sweet bird sing
And the wild bee on the wing
Bird and bee and summer wind
Sing to me because I'm blind.

Chorus: They love me, yes they love me
And to me they are so kind
They love me, yes they love me.
Because I am blind.

With my fingers I can trace
Every line on Mother's face
Oft her smile upon me beams
I can see it in my dreams
Father takes me on his knee
Brothers Oh so kind to me
Sister's arms around me twinned
Kisses me because I'm blind.


This morning as in bed I lay
Mother softly came to pray
Said for me such pretty prayers
And I felt her holy tears
Falling gently down on me
And she kissed me, so you see
Every one to me is kind
And they love me for I'm blind.


Performed by George H. Chirgwin (1854-1922)
Written and composed by R. Lee & G.W. Moore
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