In my native home, Lisscarroll
Lives a colleen who is blind
And her name is Katie Farrell
To her the neighbours all are kind
To see her knit beside her mother
You ne'er think her sight was gone
And with Barney, her young brother
She milks the cows at early dawn.

Chorus: The pride of Lisscarroll is sweet Katie Farrell
With cheeks as red as roses and teeth as white as pearl
The neighbours all pity this colleen so pretty
And, Oh how we all love this blind Irish girl.

Years ago when she was courting
Her young sweetheart, Ned Malloy
One night they were both out walking
With hearts like children full of joy
A storm came on and Kate got frightened
She seized the arm of sweetheart Ned
When both of them were struck by lightning
They found her blind, and he was dead.


What a sad and awful ending
Just when everything seemd bright
For her to lose her future husband
And she, poor girl, to lose her sight
All the neighbours gathered round her
One and all to her were kind
And the reason... her affliction
They pitied her, for she was blind.

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