You've sung about the Navy and our brave and bold Jack Tars
You've sung of Tommy Atkins and our gallant sons of Mars
But what about the 'boys in blue' who promenade the street
They're worthy of a song of praise for who is there can beat.

Chorus: Bold policemen keep the peace men,
Oh don't the cookies love us. They think no men above us
We take the cake and biscuit too, when we come on the scene
Not the soldiers, not the sailors, but the 'Bobbies ' of the Queen.

Who is it who guards you every day from all our country foes?
Who is it on night duty smokes a pipe or has a doze?
Who is it thinks that telling lies is such an awful sin?
And who are great at running poor unmuzzled bow-wows in?


Who sees all the pretty girls get safely o'er the street?
Who is it holds you gently up when overcome by heat?
And who are they when rows are on and shrieking fills the air,
Who - just an hour afterwards - are certain to be there?


Written by Eardley Turner & Maud Santley - 1897
Performed by Maud Santley
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