I'm a young girl and have just come over
Over from the country where they do things big
And amongst the boys I've got a lover
And since I've got a lover why I don't care a fig.

Chorus: The boy I love is up in the gallery
The boy I love is looking down at me
There he is, can't you see, waving of his handkerchief
As happy as the Robin that sits in the tree.

The boy that I love, they call him a cobbler
But he's not a cobbler allow me to state
For Johnny is a tradesman and he works in the Boro'
Where they sole and heal them whilst you wait.


Now if I were a duchess and had a lot of money
I'd give it to the boy that's going to marry me
But I haven't got a penny so we'll live on love and kisses
And be just as happy as the birds in the tree.


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by George Ware - 1885
Became the signature tune of Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
Originally performed by Nelly Power (1854-1887)
Also performed by Jenny Hill (1849-1896)
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