See when the boys come out of school, homeward so joyfully they run
Soon they will be with the Boys' Brigade, sporting a nobby cap and gun
Marching so proudly with the band, making a very fine display
Mothers, brother, sisters too, all come out to have a view
As along the street they march away.

Chorus: Boom, Boom, Boom, Hear the big bass drum
Boom, Boom, Boom, here they come, here they come
Marching along to the tune of a song that evryone can hum
Left! Right! left! In the martial style, with a rifle, cap and braid
Whatever his position, it's every lad's ambition
To march in the Boys' Brigade.

All honour to the Boys' Brigade. Some day, if need be, they will stand
Bravely against the crafty foe who may invade our Motherland
Though they but play at soldiers now,
Those sturdy youngsters we could try
When we know that every one learned the way to use a gun
And the martial spirit never dies.

Performed by Hamilton Hill (1873-1910)
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