In town there's a place of renown,
Folks dub it the Racketty Club!
Wher boys fond of pleasure and sport,
Each night in the season resort;
Boys who think that money was made to spend,
Or, to boys in trouble or want, to lend.
Boys well known, each one a younger son,
And when in town are second, of course, to none!

Refrain: Ricketty, Racketty boys!
Rollicking, frolicing boys!
Rum-ti-hiddle-y, have a tiddley,
All real good boys!
Fun and jollity boys!
Ri-tol-lol-i-ty boys!
Hi! Hey! Hip! Hooray for the boys of the Racketty Club!

Each night, at the club, with delight,
They dine and after the wine,
Away, full of rollick and noise,
Up town go the Racketty boys!
Winking, then, at each pretty girl they meet;
Chaffing all the 'bobbies' along the street;
Shouting out, as gaily they march along,
The chorus of some popular comic song!


In town they've a noisy renown,
But when at the head of their men,
In war, they are first to the front,
And bear all the battle's fierce brunt;
Fighting, then, against any odds they'll go;
Brave and true, and giving back blow for blow;
Risking life, to comrades aid they'll fly;
Yes, and like men, for country and home they'll die!


Written and composed by C. Wilmot & George Le Brumm - 1895
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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