A breach of promise case there'll be 'twixt Susan Jane and me
Because I haven't married her, exposure there must be
Because I've been with her alone, and lingered on her face
I now am the defendant in a breach of promise case.

Chorus: All through sitting on the sofa when the lights were low
All through being left alone, I blame her mother so
All through lingering and longering upon her female face
That's the reason of the breach, the breach of promise case.

We'd only courted eighteen years, when Susan Jane's mamma
Said to me, 'I should like to know what your intentions are?
Because with grief and bitterness you've filled my daughter's life
As sure as my name's Buggins you must make the girl your wife.'


They want five hundred pounds from me, as damages you know
I'd pay it up, if I had all the money that I owe
Theres' no mistake shes' got me, Oh where was my common sense?
I'll tell this to the jury, when I'm asked for my defence.

Written and composed by Steve Leggett & Will Godwin - 1895
Performed by Henri Clark (1840-1905)
Performed by Leo Dryden (1863-1939)
Performed by Will Evans (1872-1931)
Performed by R.G. Knowles (1858-1919)
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