Pat Molloy was deep in love, but mighty strange to say
Ev'ry time he met the girl his courage oozed away
'Sure' said he, 'I'll lose her if I let my chances slide.'
So, calling round one afternnon, impulsively he cried,

Chorus: 'Oh, Bridget! my pretty Bridget
I've got something to tell you today
Ah, Bridget, I'm in a fidget
For I don't know exactly what to say
I've bought a ring, such a pretty thing
So tiny it looks like a toy
But although it's a midget, it just fits your digit
So wear it, Bridget Molloy.'

Bridget listened quietly to all he had to say
Then said she, 'I'm no Malloy, my proper name's O'Shea.'
'There' said he, 'We disagree, for though O'Shea's divine
I'm thinking that your proper name should be the same as mine.'


On her cheek he pressed a kiss, and Bridget slapped his face
'Don't do that again,' said she, 'You know it's out of place.'
'Out of place it was,' said he, then gave her lips a smack
'Row, if you think that's out of place, then, darling, pass it back!'

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