What say, lads, will I spin a yarn? Aye Aye! and one that's true
As ever yet was told beneath the old Red, White and Blue
It's of a skipper I sailed with aboard the 'Nancy Bland'
Who now has gone for orders to that far-off better land
'Twas in the Bay of Biskay, when up sprang an awful gale
And almost ere we'd time my lads, to furl in every sail
We knew full well the ship was booked for Davy Jones, 'twas then
Our skipper proved himself to be the noblest of all men.

Chorus: He stood at his post like a hero,
'The women and children.' said he
'Save them, and then, my lads
Look to yourselves - never mind me!'
His last words, mates, were 'God save you all!'
And true to oath he'd sworn
He died, for he would not desert the ship
For he was British born!

The cry rang out, 'The boats! The boats!' 'Back men' the skipper cries
'The first to take a woman's place, by God, by my hand dies!
Remember, lads, you're Englishmen, so to yourselves be true
Let every man be at his post, and there his duty do.'
He saw the women and their babes all safe, and then, said he
'There's one boat left - now take it lads, and may you rescued be
No, no! my lads, I will not go, for me death has no fear
I go where'er the old ship goes - my duty, lads, lies here.'


I stood beside him on the bridge, and said, 'Now Captain come.'
He grasped my hand, tears filled his eyes, he seemed as though struck dumb
He led me to the gang-way, 'There's still room for one,' said he
I remember nothing more than this - he gave his place to me
We pulled away with all our might, whilst loud the fierce winds blew
One moment more, and then the dear old ship was lost from view
And he went with her, ne'er to rise until the trumpet sound
A hero true, lads, and brave as ever yet was found.

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