I'm an actor who's seen better days
For I once was a star I've a notion
I've been tossed about all sorts of ways
Upon the theatrical ocean
But jealousy, spite and all that
Has brought me down to but a seedy 'un
It's been all caused by envy, - that's flat
For I once was a heavy tragedian.

Chorus: I've been a bright star in my time
Though now I'm reduced to a seedy 'un
In me you may please to behold
Junius Brown the tragedian.

You have all seen my name in the bills
Which is Junius Antonius Brown, sirs
And I flatter myself I have caused
Great excitement in many a town, sirs
My last shop was Garrick, Whitechapel
In a part that I could above any fit
My 'screw' sirs, for only six nights
Was two pounds and half a clear benefit.

(Four lines of spoken dialogue)


Since Kemble none like me's been seen
Yet naught but bad luck is my portion
My friends say I'm better than Kean
That my Richard and Hamlet's a caution
They say my declaiming's a treat
In the speech over Caesar by Antony
I can do the soft parts low and sweet
Likewise I can 'pile up the agony'.

(Six lines of spoken dialogue)


I search through the 'era' each week
And I 'write in' when talent's required
But they say they don't know me (There's cheek)
Of such insults and envy I'm tired
They offer me terms for a 'super'
Or ask if I'm up to 'utility'
But I'll starve and remain as I am
An artiste of wondrous ability.

Written and composed by G.W. Hunt - 1870
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
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