See Don Pedro, gallant Pedro, in the famed bull-ring in Spain
See hime rush towards the bulls and see him rushing back again
Hear the bull scream out for mercy to the cheering all around
As Don Pedro digs his digger in his eighteen pence a pound.

Chorus: No bull can beat me, when he comes out to eat me
He gives me a shove, I give him a push
Then here we go round the mulberry bush
Soon as he gets hold of me I make him tap the floor
If he's fat or he's thin, he's got to give in
To Pedro The Torreador.

See the gay senora's smiling on me, when the bull I've slain
See 'em throw bouquets at me, see 'em pull 'em back again
'Hold on Pedro,' cries the bullock, as he proudly wags his tail
Here's the man to take our photo, from the famous 'Daily Mail'.



Have I ever fought any bulls, sir?
Don't ask me, I can't tell a lie
The fact is, I don't have to fight 'em
It's done by the power of the eye
No, I don't know which eye they're afraid of
Don't ask silly questions like that
For when you fight bulls you don't stop to enquire
As to which eye the bull is looking at
Have I killed a bull, did you ask me?
Now you don't want to make me feel cross
You mean a real bull, full of bullness
With one tail, two horns and a toss
I remember the bull I fought yesterday
How he broke all the rules was a crime
He got round to my rear as I looked at my watch
To see if 'twas opening time
I'll admit that I felt a bit nasty
And the old kidney punch then I tried
But the referee said, 'Break away, lads'
But declared that we both were offside
We resumed at the sound of the whistle
And by gosh, 'twas a hell of a fight
Till I cut off his tail with me jiggermazoo
And the marker said, 'Piece in your right'
The next round was rather exciting
The betting was thirteen to three
But the bull missed a point as I swung round my left
And I huffed him for not taking me
Then I stabbed him and shot him and kicked him
I bit him - I did carry on
And 'struth, I'd have eaten the blighter
If I'd had only one more coupon
And then came a sad interuption
A milkman arrived and said, 'Now
I shall call in a policeman and give you a charge
For making these holes in my cow.'

Written and composed by Harry Castling & Fred Leigh
Performed by Harry Weldon (1881-1930)
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