I used to be as happy as the little birds above
As lively as the little lambs at play
But now I'm broken hearted for I've lost the girl I love
With a swell from town she's lately gone away
We worked upon one farm, and my spirits she would charm
When she would chant a very pretty song
But ever since the day that my false love went away
The farm, and all upon it, has gone wrong.

Chorus: The bulls won't bellow and the cows won't low
The hens won't cackle, and cocks won't crow
The turkeys won't gobble, and the ducks won't quack
And never, never will do till my Jane comes back.

There's something wrong with everything since Jane has gone away
And I'm doing nothing else but fret
The cat with her back to the fire sits on the hearth all day
And the poor old sheep-dog's nose is never wet
The pigs won't curl their tails; the ducks won't eat the snails
The gander now won't come home to be fed
And the poor old billy-goat has a big lump in his throat
And a hogshead full of tears the sow has shed.


The hens have got the whooping cough, and will not leave their coop
The canary is in the moult and will not eat
The donkey's got bronchitis, and the tomcat's got the croup
The geese have all got chilblains in their feet
The ferrets and the weasels are all down with the measles
And the wool is coming off the sheep
The bull has got the tic, and the cow her calf won't lick
And the horses have the nightmare when they sleep.


To see the weeping willows, they all seem full of grief
They seem to moan and shake their heads like me
There's a sympathising look on every cabbage leaf
And a nod of pity, too, from every tree
At night I dream of Jane, that she's come back again
And I'm whistling as I used to do
But when I awake, how I shiver and I shake
When I find my dreams of pleasure are not true.


Published 1916
Written and composed by T. Hanley - 1880
Performed by Sam Torr (1846-1899)
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