I feel so glad, I never had
Such joy within my heart
I've been asked out, and without doubt
I'm dying to make a start
I've never been to a ball, nor been
Allowed out after dark
I'll mash the men, nine out of ten
Oh, won't it be a lark.

Chorus: Only fancy if Gladstone's there
And falls in love with me
If I run across Labouchere
I'll ask him home to tea
I shall say to a young man gay
If he treads upon my frock
Randy Pandy, sugardy candy
Buy me some Almond Rock.

I heard in truth that General Booth
Is going to be M.C.
And if he is, 'twill be good 'biz'
No end of fun they'll be
Ma said last week, I'm not to speak
To even one young man
But just you wait, in spite of fate
I'll speak to all I can.


If Sir Charles Dilke sees me in silk
To dance with me he'll try
I'll sing 'Tral la' Ha! 'There you are'
Then 'wink the other eye'
If by a 'fluke' I meet a Duke
A Marquis or an Earl
I'll win all three, in fact I'll be
A regular 'Giddy girl.'


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar
Performed by Marie Lloyd
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