In the glorious summer season, everybody takes a trip,
To the seaside; for enkoyment, on the sands they gaily skip;
Married men with wives and children, single Johnnies, on the mash;
Pretty girls who seek for husbands, who have pockets full of cash.

Chorus: By the sad sea waves, where the ladies are so charming;
By the sad sea waves, in the glorious summer time,
With their fetching smiles and dresses, rosy lips and golden tresses,
Shady nooks and sly caresses, by the sad sea waves.

At the boarding house in Newport, Percy Vere met Gladys Gray;
Soon he showed his fond affection, took her driving every day.
By his tone he seemed a marquis, she had jewels in galore;
So they formed a love engagement, as they strolled along the shore.

Chorus: By the sad sea waves, every night he took her strolling;
By the sad sea waves he would swear his heart was gone!
She's the only girl he sings to, she's the girl he says nice things to,
Promised lovely diamond rings to, by the sad sea waves!

When their holidays were over and they had to say adieu;
He, to join his yacht at Brighton, she to join her papa too;
They agreed to write each other Billet Doudlets every day,
And when he'd his mansion ready, they'd be married right away.

Chorus: From the sad sea waves back to business, in the morning'
From the sad sea waves, to his humble 'five a week!'
In a cafe he goes dashing, who should bring his plate of hash in,
But the girl he had been mashing by the sad sea waves!

Written and composed by Lester Barrett & Lester Thomas - 1895
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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