When in the springtime you're having your fling
By the side of the silvery sea,
Married and single all so love the shingle
And mingle together with glee.
You'll meet pretty peaches as girls on the beach
And your heart stops and jumps with delight,
For each peach that you meet seems so dainty and sweet
That you'll hardly know which peach to bite.

Chorus: By the sea, by the sea,
The beautiful silvery sea,
Where you hear the brass band play,
With your girlie-girlie, that's where you want to be:
Down on the sands, on the silvery sands,
By the side of the silvery sea.

Repeat Chorus:
Written and composed by Williams & Godfrey - 1910
Performed by Mark Sheridan (1867 - 1918)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
Contributed by Jim Dixon - April 2014
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