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Cabby's Lament, The Harry Tate
Calico Printer's Clerk, The Harry Clifton
Call Round Anytime Victoria Monks
Callaghan Does It For Me Pat Carey
Calligan, Call Again Harry Lauder
Called To The Bar Arthur Combes
Caller Herrin' Antoinette Sterling
Camille George Robey
Candid Man, The Albert Chevalier
Can't You See I'm Thinking Will Bentley
Can't You Take My Word? Harry Ford
Can't You Think Of Any Other Name But Baby Winifred Hare
Captain Called The Mate, The Arthur West
Captain Cuff George Leybourne
Captain Gingah O.T. George Bastow
Captain In The Salvation Army, A  
Captain Jinks Of The Horse Marines Tom MacLagan
Captain Puffity Puff G.W. Anson
Captain Reginald D'Arcy Of The Guards Hetty King
Captain Said, "I'll Stick To My Ship", The Dennis J. McCarthy
Captain Sparrowstarver Vesta Victoria
Captain With His Whiskers, The Jenny Hill
Carrie Alfred Vance
Carrie From Camden Town Lottie Collins
C.A.R.R.O.T.Y Harry Champion
Casey Jones The Two Bobs
Cat Came Back, The Tony Pastor
Catch 'Em Alive Oh Gus Elen
Centenarian, The Albert Chevalier
Chalk Farm To Camberwell Green Gertie Millar
Champagne And Oysters With A Swell Tom Woottwell
Champagne Charlie George Leybourne
Champagne Charlie(Alternative version)  
Chance Your Luck Marie Lloyd
Change Will Do You Good, A R.A. Roberts
Charge Of The Twenty-First Slade Murray
Charley Was A Good, Good Boy  
Charlie Lily Morris
Chase Me Charlie Childie Stuart
Cheap Excursion Train Lillie Langtry
Cheer For Plimsoll, A Fred Albert
Cheer Up Comrades  
Cheer, Boys, Cheer Henry Russell
Cheerio! Sailor Boy, How Do?  
Cheero! Adele Levey
Chili Widow, The Marie Lloyd
Chillingowullabadorie Arthur Lloyd
Chinaman, The Sam Mayo
Chinese Laundryman, The George Robey
Chinese Tango Trot, The Billy Merson
Choose Her In The Morning George D'Albert
Christmas Chimes Across The Snow Rose Dearing
Christmas Song, A Albert Chevalier
Cigar Girl, The 'Jolly' John Nash
City Waif, The Jenny Hill
Clamber Closer Clara Vesta Tilley
Clap Hands, Daddy's Come Home Sam Mayo
Cleaner, The Wilkie Bard
Clever, Ain't You? Marie Lloyd
Close The Shutters, Willies Dead Christy Minstrels
Club Raid Upside Down, The Tom Costello
Coal Black Mamma Laddie Cliff
Coat 'Urts Underneath The Arm, The Alec Hurley
Coax Me Dora Lyric
Cockney Bill Of London Town Harry Champion
Cockney Sportsman, The Alec Hurley
Cockney Tragedian, The Albert Chevalier
Cockney's Travels, A Alec Hurley
Coffee Shop In Pimlico, The Frank Bell
Colonel Knut Mark Sheridan
Come Along, Let's Make It Up Marie & Alice Lloyd
Come And Be One Of The Midnight Sons Vesta Tilley
Come And Have A Look At What I've Got Billy Williams
Come In And Cut Yourself A Piece Of Cake Jack Pleasants
'Come In' Said Widdy Malone Michael Nolan
Come Into The Garden, John Billy Williams
Come Into The Garden Maude J. Sims Reeves
Come On Over The Garden Wall Clarice Mayne
Come Up In My Balloon Wilkie Bard
Come Where The Booze Is Cheaper Charles Coborn
Come With Me To The Races Arthur Reece
Comet Of The West George Leybourne
Comin' Thro' The Rye (Parody) Herbert Campbell
Company Promoter, The Charles Collette
Comrades Tom Costello
Conclusions George Robey
Conscientious Objector's Lament, The Alfred Lester
Consequences Ernest Shand
Consolations George D'Albert
Con-stan-ti-no-p-l-e T.E. Dunville
Conundrums (1895) T.E. Dunville
Co-operation Arthur Roberts
Cork Leg, The Sam Cowell
Corsican Maid Evie Green
Cosmopolitan Courtship Albert Chevalier
Coster Othello, The Paul Mill
Costermonger's Song, The (Going to the Derby) Arthur Lloyd
Coster's Christening, The Marie Lloyd
Coster's Family Tree, The Alec Hurley
Coster's 'Oneymoon, The Albert Chevalier
Coster's Linnet, The Charles Seel
Coster's Mansion Gus Elen
Coster's Muvver, The Gus Elen
Coster's Pony, The Gus Elen
Costers Serenade, The Albert Chevalier
Coster's Wedding, The Marie Lloyd
Could Lloyd George Do It? Stanley Lupino
Couldn't Help It, Had To T.E. Dunville
Countess Of Constantinople Arthur Lloyd
Country Curate, The  
Country Life For Me Alfred Vance
Covent Garden In The Morning Alfred Vance
Cover It Over Quick, Jemima Harry Champion
Cow and Three Acres, A Arthur Lloyd
Cribbage Fred Albert
Cricket Edmund Forman
Cuckoo, The Nellie Wallace
Cuckoo, The (2)  
Curate, The  
Curiosity Little Tich
Cursory Rhymes  
Cushie Butterfield George Ridley
Customs Of The Country Marie Lloyd
Cuthbert, Clarence And Claude Arnold Blake
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