A youth and maid were courting, and he, in manner sporting
Had asked her if she'd name the happy day
She shyly consented, with lips they had cemented
The promise to love, honour and obey
He said, 'I love you dearly, most fondly and sincerely
You are my baby and always will be.'
Although the girl adored him, she pouted and implored him
'Do try and find another name for me.
The little thing I ask should prove a simple task.'

Chorus: 'Can't you think of any other name but 'Baby'?
You have got a great imagination, may be
'My baby' and 'My honey' are far too common, sonny
So can't you think of any other name but 'baby'.

Although the girl protested, she was so interested
That one day she became his blushing bride
Within a cottage cosy, their future looking rosy
He settled with his darling by his side
And then a little party, both beautiful and hearty
In due course came to share their lot in life
The mother loved him madly, neglected hubby sadly
Until he had to say this to his wife
'Your words I don't forget, it's my turn now my pet

Chorus: 'Can't you think of anybody else but baby
Now and then you leave your occupation, maybe
Remember I'm your honey who gives you all his money
So can't you think of anybody else but baby?'
Written and composed by A. E. Sidney Davis & Hermann E Darewski - 1906
Performed by Winifred Hare (b. 1875)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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