Some coons go in for whiskers, some
For most unpleasant dogs
Some fellows have a weakness for
The most outrageous 'togs'
I'm very strong on linen, yes
And I wouldn't give a dollar
For life, without a splendid show
Of snow-white cuff and collar.
(Which has earned me the title of)

Chorus: Captain Cuff, Captain Cuff, you can tell me by my collar
Captain Cuff, Captain Cuff, tho' I'm not worth half a dollar
I'm awfully stiff in style, as my cigarette I puff
They cry 'Hi, clear the way here comes Captain Cuff.'

Sometimes a common fellow
Of the 'lower order' class
Will dare to make some rude remark
Or mock me as I pass
And lots of vulgar little boys
They know me well enough
And oft salute me in the street
With 'What cheer Captain Cuff.'


I lounge about at parties
I'm 'heavy' at the Ball
By Jove, the Captain never has
To decorate a wall
I dance with every charmer fit
To be my vis-a-vis
And 'tis awfully delightful
How the ladies follow me.


With darling eyes upon me
Thro' life I'll gaily march
My style shall be the stiffest
My motto shall be 'starch'
Should my cuff and collar glory
Be ever gone and fled
You'll know that Captain Cuff's gone wrong
Or his washerwoman's dead.

Written and composed by W.G. Hunt - 1877
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
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