A soldier once was I, by jingo much admired
The army lost a treasure on the day that I retired
They begged of me to leave, they asked me as a boon
They said my fiery whiskers made the guns go off too soon
But dammit peace and war to me its all the same
The ladies bless 'em mashing 'em has always been my game
Mashed 'em years ago, now I'm in my prime
I'm known as Ginjah, Captain Ginjah, Ginjah all the time.

Chorus: Ginjah, Ginjah
They all know Captain Ginjah
Jolly old pot, O.T. 'ot
Ninety-five in the shade what, what.
I love all the ladies
Not one of them would I injure
All the girls love Gin-Gin-Gin-
Gin-Gin-GIn-Gin- Ginjah.

When I look back and think tut-tut what sport I've had
In certain quarters I'm afraid my reputation's bad
While strolling through the park or riding in the row
I'm bound to merely be polite to ladies whom I know
Ah Countess 'how de do', I knew her when a girl
She sang in comic opera long before she met the Earl
There's the Duchess dem I almost made a fluke
We never speak as we pass by, it might upset the Duke.


I've been in action twice and both were blazing hot
The first was in Japoonahland and wounded there I got
When I recall it now it hurts my peace of mind
I stooped to pull my socks up and a spear stuck in behind
But action two was quite a different sort
To tell the truth it took place in a Breach of Promise Court
Plaintiff told her tale, when she proved it true
The Judge said, "You be thankful Miss, he didn't marry you".


The soldiers of today they don't deserve the name
The rough old dogs of my day used to live on smoke and flame
Each time the mighty guns discharged their shot and shell
I used to sniff the muzzles, ah begad, I loved the smell
But what chance is there now for men of blood and breed
My heart and soul are all afire to do some daring deed
Some say take a wife, that game's not for me
I might find one more gingery than I know how to be.

Written and composed George Bastow & F.W. Leigh - 1910
Performed by George Bastow (1872-1914)
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