Boys, if you'd lead a life that is never slow
Into the army you should quickly go
That's where a fellow has a chance
Wherever he goes he must advance
As I'm a soldier, well, I ought to know
Sailing the sea is pretty good fun it's true
Plenty of swells you'll find upon the blue
But if the swellest swell you'd see
(Pray pardon my cheek) just gaze on me
You bet that I'm the envy of not a few.

Chorus: I'm Captain Reginald D'Arcy of the Guards
I'm happy when on parade or playing cards
People go wild and shout, 'Bravo'
When I'm drilling my merry men you know
On us Rudyard Kipling's written ten yards
I'm Captain Reginald D'Arcy of the Guards
My heart there's many a charmiung girl bombards
Really I feel so doocid proud
When voices shout from a surging crowd
'There's Captain Reginald D'Arcy of the Guards.'

Really I live a life that is simply grand
At every Ball I'm always in demand
Match-making mothers crowd around me
Because I'm still single, don't cher see
Each wants to give to me her daughters hand
Though I am rich, of cash I'm sometimes short
Still, I can borrow, that's my forte
Iky, upon my I.O.U.
Will lend me a 'monkey', sometimes two
For I can introduce him to friends at Court.

Original words & music by G. A. Spink by George A Spink - 1901
English version by Arthur Trevelyan
Performed by Hetty King (1883-1972)
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