The subject of my ditty is a lady of renown
Her name's - Miss Carrie
If you address a letter to 'Miss Carrie, Camden Town'
That won't miscarry
If any swell affair is on, a soiree or a ball
You needn't ask if she is there, walk straight into the hall
And say you want to meet the girl that all the talk's about
They'll introduce you then, without a doubt - to -

Chorus: Carrie from Camden Town: dear little girly girlie
Carrie's big eyes of brown, makes you feel whirly whirly
Though she's a frail young thing,
On her charms you'll want to linger
She's strong in the wrist, for Miss Carrie
Can twist any man round her finger!

At every kind of sport you'll find that she can cut a dash
Can sweet - Miss Carrie
At angling for a salmon trout, or angling for a mash
She's smart - is Carrie
She goes to all the theatres, and of course secures a box
The ladies say, 'How vulgar', but they copy all her frocks
(Which, by the way, come rather high) although they're somewhat low
In fact she's just the girl you want to know - is -


You'll meet her down at Goodwood when the Royal week begins
She'll plunge - will Carrie
And say, 'Put me five sovereigns on which ever gee-gee wins'
That's just like Carrie
Some magazine or other interviews her every day
And painters make a study of her pose in neglige
They do say she was mixed up in a certain divorce
But she was really innocent - of course - was -

Written and composed by Bennett Scott - 1905
Performed by Lottie Collins (1866-1910)
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