To sell flypapers is my trade
A fortchin at it, I ain't made
Still when it's ninety in the shade
I does a bit yer know
'Tis then them wily flies prepare
Ter buzz around and make folks swear
So up and down each street I tear
A singin' as I go.

Chorus: Catch 'em alive oh! Catch 'em alive oh!
If they once get on the gum
They'll pop off to kingdom come
Catch 'em alive oh! Catch 'em alive oh
Oh! I am the flyest man about the town.

Two sheets a penny that's their price
They'll make a home in paradise
As orniments they're also nice
They're used by the aleet
Bald-headed toffs they looks on me
As their best friend and jumps wiv glee
When in the distance they can see
Me, coming down the street. (wiv my Chorus: )


The Grand Old Man last week met me
I'll buy your stock right out sez 'e
He did so, now sez I may-be
You'll tell me what they're for
Said 'e the fact is I propose
Wiv these to gag my tory foes
I'll stick 'em on their mouths, so as
They can't speak any more.

Chorus: Yes, I'll gag 'em alive oh! Gag 'em alive oh!
It's a dirty trick but still
I must pass that home rule bill
And gag 'em alive oh! Gag 'em alive oh
Oh! I am the flyest member of the house.

Some people fink that flies is dense
Devoid of all hintellegence
That only shows yer want of sense
If you fink flies can't talk
They knows as much as you an' me
I've studied them and know yer see
They're lingo's hard to learn may be
It's like learning how to walk.

Written and composed by Arthur Seldon - 1894
Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1940)
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