Once up to London I went for the day
Everything there seemed so lively and gay
I met a fella, a regular swell
And I was looking so rosy and well
He said politely “Now don't make a fuss,
We'll take a ride on the top of a bus”
Up came the bus, on the front could be seen
Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green.

Chorus: Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green, all on a Summer's day
Up we climbed on the motorbus and it started right away
When we got to the end of the ride he asked me to go for a walk
But I wasn't Camberwell green by a very long chalk.

Up on the bus it's so lovely to ride
Specially if there's a chap at your side
There we were sitting, it really was grand,
Most of the time he was holding my hand
He said, “There may be pick-pockets or worse
So I had better look after your purse”
But I remembered the words I had seen
Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green.


Once we alighted from the top of the bus
All of the passengers looking at us
He took my arm and he said with a wink
“I know a place we could go for a drink”
He said “Come on, there's no need for concern”
But it was late and I had to return
There at the stop a bus could be seen
Chalk Farm to Camberwell Green.

Written and composed by Lionel Monckton - 1915
Performed by Gertie Millar (1879-1952)
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