The world is thrilled to its inmost core by the news we read today
Great Gordon's fate is at last avenged, in the Soudan far away
The Sirdar's face had a stern, set look, and his voice was cold with wrath
'We'll take Khartoum or else die' cried he, as he led his forces forth
The brave lads of the twenty-first no laurels then could show
Their very flag was empty, they had never faced a foe
Yet now they've won a deathless fame, the whole wide world knows how
You used to call them 'feather-beds', what do you call them now?

Chorus: We're proud to read of the Light Brigade
Who fought in the cold Crimea
Proud of the Gordon Highlanders
Who fought without a fear
But the battle cry of 'Gordon'
Thrilled thro' the world at large
When the lancer lads of the Twenty-first
Made their glorious charge.

The serried ranks of the Dervish host spread before them vast and white
And our British lads, though outnumbered far, all were eager for the fight
Though some before ne'er had been in war, yet they did not lose their nerve
They'd a hero's death to avenge that day, and a glorious Queen to serve
'Charge, Lancers, charge' the order stern upon the air uprose
They charged! a handful battling with two thousand savage foes
They cut their way at sabre point, through wounded men and slain
Just like the 'Death or Glory boys' on Balaclava Plain.


The veterans stared when those untried lads on the foe like lightning swept
They marvelled much at the discipline and the order that they kept
A few, alas, on the battlefield of Omdurman prostrate lie
But proud are we of those Lancers brave, for they died as heroes die
All honour to the 21st, they've won their spurs at last
No more in time of peace will taunt or jeers at them be cast
They met the foe unflinchingly, with brave hearts beating high
'Remember Gordon and Khartoum,' that was their battle-cry.

Performed by Slade Murray (1859-1913)
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