There is a jolly fellow with a name upon his cap
A breezy personality too, has he
He's everybody's favourite this little naval chap
And hearts are sad whenever he goes to sea
We all love Jack, he's got such a taking way
We long to grip him by the hand and say,

Chorus: 'Cheerio! Sailor boy, how do?
Cheerio and good luck to you
When ashore , from duty free
Or sailing on the sea
We know you'll always be true blue
All the nice girls are fond of you
Yes, and you like the nice girls too
You're the best card, Jack,
In the whole darned pack
Cheerio! Sailor boy, how do?'

The naval boys are happy when the foeman they've to meet
And mighty guns are thundering on the sea
From 'powder monkey' to chief commander of the fleet
They want a scrap whatever the odds may be
When fighting's done there's plenty of fun in store
And all the girls are gay when Jack's ashore.


One night, we'll say, by wireless, some exciting news they get
The captain he will turn to the crew and say
'The enemy are coming boys, they haven't turned up yet
I hope to goodness they haven't lost their way.'
In storm or calm, whatever the luck may be
Jack doesn't care a continental 'D'.

Written and composed by A. J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1917
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