A Chinaman am I as you can see. Ching a lally ang kang kar
I come from a place called Pic-ca-dil-liee
Where the climate's very warm
Now ladies don't get nervous 'cos I'm very very tame
And before I sing another verse I'll just tell you my name.

It's Ching Chang Wing Wang Bing Bang Boo
Known from Piccadilly up to Tim-buc-too
This song is ri-dic-u-lous the worst in the land
But it's marvellous the trash that the public will stand.

Miss Wing Wong was a servant girl. Ching a lally ang kang kar
With love her head was in a whirl
One day a policeman came
She brought him out the turkey and a pint or two of stout
When her mistress from the sitting-room above began to shout.

Ching Chang Wing Wang Bing Bang Boo
How are you getting on with the washing Loo?
'I haven't started yet,' said Miss Wing Wong
'but I'm filling up the 'copper ' so we shan't be long.'

Two wooden legs my wife has got. Ching a lally ang kang kar
One day at a cricket match they forgot to bring the stumps
'Your wife has got two wooden legs,' the captain said to me
Do you object if she stands there instead of stumps, you see?'

Ching Chang Wing Wang Bing Bang Boo
I said to the missus, 'I don't mind, do you?'
She said, 'I'm agreeable, if all else fails
But what worries me is how they'll fix on the bails.'
Written and composed by Worton David & Sam Mayo - 1906
Performed by Sam Mayo (1875-1938)
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