Violets, daisies, every flower that grows
Poets say are fairest, fairest in the morn
If at night you'd pick a dainty rose
Possibly you'd prick your fingers with a thorn
Girls are flowers, they blossom and they fade
Some have thorns, and so
If, young men you wish to wed a maid
Should you pick at night time? No.

Chorus: If you want to choose a wife
Choose her in the morning early
Call upon your girly- girly
When her hair is not so curly
See her, if admissible
In her dishabille - that's right
For a lot of girls are only kissable
Under the pale moonlight.

If you love her, beautiful she'll be
With her hair in curlers, minus any pad
But ere you say 'She's the girl for me.'
Notice how she talks to mother and her dad
As she is to them, without a doubt
She would be to you
If she's good, with beauty or without
She's the little girl to woo.


By that love-light shining her eyes
You may court a maidie when the shadows fall
Or by moonlight, but can it be wise
Spooning with a girl wthout a light at all?
Some girls who look older than their ma's
Oft get married soon
Then their fathers thank their lucky stars
When they ought to thank the moon.

Written and composed by R. P. Weston & Fred Barnes - 1906
Performed by George D'Albert (1870-1949)
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