Five and twenty 'coalies' took a room one day
Overneath a quiet little pub
Every night at dominoes we used to play
And we called ourselves the 'coalies' club
One night while down the street I'm a-rambling
Hears two p'licemen whispering so low
One says, 'Shall we cop the Coalies gambling?
Tuesday is the night we raid the show.'

Chorus: And the raid came off! It was down our street
Talk about your raids up West
Scotland Yard takes a big back seat
And Bow Street gives us best
They thought they'd find us breaking the law
'Cos they can't leave quiet folks alone
So the night before we busted in the door
And raided the 'coppers' on our own.

It was Monday evening as the clock struck eight
We were creeping in the station door
We'd gone down to set this little matter straight
But we had a big surprise in store
We heard one man say, 'I'll try and get three,'
Then we knew we'd got 'em in a trap
In we burst, and Oh the sight we did see
Half-a-score of policemen playing 'nap'


We pounced upon the 'coppers' in a half-a-trice
How we laughed to see 'em in a scrape
One of 'em he swallowed all his set of dice
And two policemen fainted at the 'tape'
Poor old sergeant sadly whispered 'Oh Lor
Ace, King, Jack and two of hearts I'd got
First time as I've had the chance to go four
You pop in and get the blessed lot.'


Fat inspector acted like a man, he did
Owned up he was fairly in the wrong
Begged our pardon, fined himself half a quid
Paid for drinks, and then we had a song
There won't be any raid upon the club now
We won't spoil the policemen's bit of fun
But all future gambling up at'Ackney
At the station only must be done.

Written and composed by Edgar Bateman & George Le Brunn - 1901
Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
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