I'm tired and I'm footsore and I'm weary
I ache from my head down to my toes
This world seems to be mighty dreary to me
How I'll finish my journey Lordy knows
But I know where I go that all is peaceful
I'll lay on my pillow tonight
An' I've prayed, how I've prayed for that moment
Now the end of the long trail's in sight.

Chorus: 'Cause I'm goin', yes, I'm goin' with a love that's ever growing
To that coal-black mammy o' mine
Not a cent, not a cent, an' my clothes are only rent
All the same she'll think I just fine
How I've dreamed, how I've schemed
An' at times it almost seemed
That the sun would never, never shine
That's why I'm goin', yes, I'm goin'
Mighty soon I'll be hulloin'
To that coal-black mammy o' mine.

I'm sad, disappointed, and I'm homesick
I yearn for my mammy's tender care
I've wasted the years, and I've shed many tears
Of misfortune I've surely had my share
But I know that she'll drive away my sorrow
Her cabin's just over the rise
And she'll smile happy smiles when she sees me
Bless the lovelight that shines in her eyes.

Written and composed by Laddie Cliff & Ivy St. Helier
Performed by Laddie Cliff (1891-1937)
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