A night in June, a lovely moon
Beneath the trees two dusky lovers wooing
He softly sighs, she rolls her eyes,
Soon just like a turtledove he's sweetly cooing
'On those ruby lips I'd like to press a kiss
Just one or two, or perhaps a few
Can't I take you in my arms, a moment's bliss, Lise?
Just because you are the girl I want to wed, but she said

Chorus: 'Coax me, go on coax me
If you love me madly, want me badly
Coax me, go on and coax me
I'll be your tootsie-wootsie
If you'll coax me, but you must coax me'

Once more he sighs, 'I love you, Lise
If I should go just think what you'd be missing'
Then on the breeze, 'neath the trees
Came a noise that sounded just like someone kissing
And a tender voice said, 'Give me just one more, Lise
That one I had, made me so glad
Don't you think you'd better make it three or four, Lise?
And I'll pay them back to you the day we wed'. But she said

Performed by May Moore Duprez (1885-1946)
Performed by Dora Lyric (1879-1962)
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