He's never been to war
Or shown his shape in the region of the Cape
His military ways I'm sure, would make Lord Kitchener smile
He boasts no proud V.C. But he's a sport and a jolly good sort
His form is a sight to see
His voice can be heard at a mile
Who's this fellow in the red and blue?
All the army know him, and I'll mention it to you.

Chorus: His name is Knut, Knut, Colonel Knut
One of the knuts is Knut
He belongs to the fourth brigade
A little shady, I'm afraid
He's forty, and sporty, and he's known as 'Naughty Jack'
And the people say that Colonel Knut is a very hard nut to crack.

He likes a drink, what what
And a chat ha ha, with the girl behind the bar
He's very very O.T. 'ot
With each young feminine peach
And when the skies are blue inside the park he's a jolly old spark
It's a case of 'how-d'yer do? And a nice little tale for each
How he diddled all the Zulus in a skirmish hot
And a bullet hit him in a very vital spot.


He's never married yet
No female smart has hit him in the heart
Or pushed him into church, you bet
He's a wild ould divil I'm told. Some charmer too, my lad
In 'those and these 'and rocky at the knees
And a wink of the eye that's glad
You can't diddle this soldier bold
One young widow tried to hook him when he went to Leeds
He's too good an angler, tho' to get caught in the 'weeds'

Written and composed by Mark Sheridan & Fred Godfrey - 1913
Performed by Mark Sheridan (1867–1918)
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