Seated down to breakfast, little Mrs. Youngwife
With her loving hub is chatting now;
Life has been a round of honeymooning bliss,
For never have they had what's called 'a row.'
'Gertie! somethings wrong, my darling, with the cocoa;
Really it seems more like 'husband's tea.'
'Oh! you horrid brute, I'll go home to my mother ;
You are getting tired of me, I see.

Chorus: 'I didn't dream you'd turn out half so cruel,
It's first your cocoa's wrong and than your gruel.
You're a monster, sir, don't 'ducky' me!
Get away! I won't sit on your knee!'
'Why, I didn't mean to say a word,
Ah! Did um's, make um's cross then, ickle bird?
There then! kiss um's yum-yum-yummy-yum,
Come along! let's make its up.'

Going down to Chingford, 'Arry and his 'Arriett
Merrily will jog in donkey cart,
'Straight, you are a blooming 'slap-up' little donah,
'Arriett, you've done in this bloke's 'eart ;
Ain't you going to let us? You know what I mean, gal;
Let us have' a slobber, no 'old buck.' '
'Don't you 'come it,' 'Arry, you know you never used to,
Straight, 'toms' never knows their luck!'

Chorus: 'What was' Ginger-nob' a-whispering last night?'
It strikes me that me and him'll have a fight;
If be chucks his givah into you,
I shall go for him and dot him, too!'
'Garn now, 'Arry, what yer getting nasty for?
Have a slobber and don't 'come it' any more;
Pull up here for a 'pot o' trowses,' mate!
Come along! let's make it up.'

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Written and composed by Thomas Le Brunn & George le Brunn - 1901
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922) & Alice Lloyd (1873-1949)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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