Bertie Green was a simple youth
Didn't know he'd a wisdom tooth
Till he left the mater and came to London Town
There he met with a friend one night
He said, 'Bertie, I'll put you right
Come with me, I'll show you round.'
But Bertie, like a clown, said
'I'm afraid the mater would be cross with me'
His friend said, 'Don't be silly,
If a man you want to be,'

Chorus: 'Come, come, come, and be one of the midnight sons
Come along and be one of the boys
And join the throng and sing this song
And be one of the boys, be one of the boys.'

Bertie thought it was only right
He should go with the boys one night
Met in Piccadilly, started off full sail?
At a cafe in Regent Street,
Bertie ordered lime juice neat
Then he got quite reckless and rushed a ginger ale
Oh! the 'cham' That did it. It fairly turned his head
He went and kissed a policeman
And to every girl he said,


Bertie thought he would like to go
For an hour to the Waxworks show
Dear old Ma had told him
The waxworks he must see
Off to Madam Tussauds they went
Quite a jolly half hour they spent
Till they missed old Bertie
Cried his friends, 'Where can he be?'
But down below, quite happy
They soon found Bertie dear
His arms round Mary, Queen of Scots
And shouting in her ear,

Written and composed by Worton David & Kenneth Lyle - 1897
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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