He was a dear little boy
And she was a dear little girl
She had no brothers, no more had he
He had no sisters, no more had she
She lived in the house next to him
He lived in the house next to her
And once he had looked over the garden wall
She smiled at him, so he said,

Chorus: Come on over the garden wall
Little girl to me
I've been lonely a long, long time
And the wall's not hard to climb
So jump, jump up and then jump, jump down
I won't let you fall
And we'll play at sweethearts
Who're going to get married
Come over the garden wall.

He grew to be a big man
She grew to be a big girl
And she didn't marry
And no more did he
And he had a sweetheart
And so had she
And she kept her love just for him
And he kept his love just for her
Once he leaned over the garden wall
She answered, 'yes' when he said 'Little maid,

Written and composed by Ballard MacDonald & James W. Tate - 1920
Performed by Clarice Mayne (1886-1966)
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