You may talk about your motors, and your sailing yachts and floaters
Your electric omnibuses and your cars
Give me aerial navigation, I am causing a sensation
With my cheap balloon excursions up to Mars
I'm running trips up to the Moon, and half a crown's the price
So if you're sick of being on this Earth, take my advice, and

Chorus: Come up in my balloon, my balloon, my balloon
Come up and see the Moon, see the Moon, see the Moon
We shall be starting soon and the fare is half a crown
Sit and hold tight, and you'll go up all right
But I can't promise how you'll come down

Now ballooning has it's dangers and it may appear to strangers
Rather strange that a balloonist I should be
Well, no doubt I should have married
But then don't you see I tarried
And I don't care much what becomes of me
To those that are earning wages small, allow me to advise
If you're not satisfied with life, and really want to rise

Written and composed by F. Leo.
Recorded by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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