Billy Brown a jolly sport, started down to Kempton Park
So happy, blithe and gay, one Whitsun holiday
He had saved a pound or two - just to back the gee-gees there
And he hoped he would return a millionaire
He met a navvy with a pick-axe, and he sang with joy
'If you can 'pick' a winner like you pick the road old boy',

Chorus: 'Come with me to the races, come with me to Kempton Park
Oh! won't we have some fun,
If we back a winner at twenty-five to one
Home we'll ride - in a taxi - but if we lose every brown
We must tramp, tramp, tramp, and be contented
Back, back, back, to London Town.'

Billy met a dear old chum, who was going to wed, that morn
Intended starting soon - upon his honeymoon
He had twenty pounds in gold - for the seaside trip to pay
Billy said, 'Lor love a duck, you are a jay
Now, why not tell the girl a tale, postpone the wedding, John?
I've got a cert, which you can put that twenty sov'reigns on.'


Bill got home at one a.m. - full of fun and ginger ale
And, up the garden, he went rolling merrily
There's a statue on the lawn - and when William came in view
Well, he raised his hat and said, 'How do de do?'
Round Venus, there he flung his arms, and kissed her face of stone
Then wifey heard him murmur, in a coaxing undertone,

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1912
Performed by Arthur Reece (1870-1964)
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