We from childhood played together
My dear comrade Jack and I
We would fight each other's battles
To each other's aid we'd fly
And in boyish scrapes and troubles
You would find us everywhere
Where one went the other followed
Naught would part us for we were

Chorus: Comrades, comrades, ever since we were boys
Sharing each other's sorrows
Sharing each other's joys
Comrades when manhood was dawning
Faithful what e'er may betide
When danger threatened,
My darling old comrade was there by my side

When just budding into manhood
I yearned for a soldier's life
Night and day I dreamed of glory
Longing for the battle's strife
I said “Jack I'll be a soldier
‘Neath the red, the white, and blue
Good bye Jack” said he “No never
If you go, then, I'll go too” We were


I enlisted, Jack came with me
And ups and downs we shared
For a time our lives were peaceful
But at length, war was declared
England's flag had been insulted
We were ordered to the front
And the regiment we belonged to
Had to bear the battle's brunt. We were


In the night the foe came over
And we went for them like hell
It was rifle butt and bayonet
And we drove them back pell-mell
There was one chap got me cornered
I was helpless, wounded sore
It was jack that sprang between us
And my pal was mine no more. We were

Written and composed by Felix McGlennon
Performed by Tom Costello (1863-1943)
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