I'm told I wear a worried look - alas I cannot doubt it
The fact is, I'm in trouble, and I'll tell you all about it
I'm mourning for a girl I know, a girl who slightly squints
I took her to Kiralfy's show, and haven't seen her since.

Chorus: She wanted to go to Olympia at Kensington too
She wanted to go to see the show that she was gone upon
So I took her there and blued my L.S.D
At con-stan-ti-no-p-l-e.

We started out on Boxing Day, about eleven thirty
The weather and the railway train, to say the least, were dirty
But not so dirty as the trick that she played me, I find
Altho' she's changed a lot to me, she wouldn't change her mind.


I hired a Turk to row us, while the band was roo-ti-toot-ling
But he and Loo in that canoe, they both began can-ood-ling
I didn't like to make a fuss, until she said to me
'This water is the Bosphorus, but he's the Boss-for-me.'


I felt my temper rising, for I can-stan-to-no-pulling
I gave that Turk one on the jaw, for which I got a wooling
The boat upset, but I got home, with hair all out of curl
But she is in the harem, is that harem-scarem girl.

Performed by T.E. Dunville (1868-1924)
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