I was married just on eighteen months ago, you must know
Old Red Church, Befnal Green,
An' it came off all serene!
Since then, many ups and downs they 'ave occurred, take my word!
What d'you say? Any eh? Yus, we christened 'im today.
We invited our relations an' we give 'em a spread,
Such a lovely pig's 'ead, wiv some 'trimmin's' an' bread!
An' while we dished up the dinner an' the baby did discuss,
The men went out for 'liveners' an' a little drop for us!

Chorus: An the baby was cryin' like an angel,
While ol' Mother Brown was moppin' up the gin;
An' they came from near an' far on the noo electric car,
Just to see the christening party goin' in.
My old mother she was weepin' in the doorway,
When the parson come, the kid began to sing;
An' we finished up wiv fightin', so it got a bit excitin'
At the coster baby's christening.

When we got inside the church, young Gussie Brown wore a frown,
Parson, whose sight is dim,
'E congratulated 'im!
'E said, 'I see you're the father, yes I do! So like you,
Got your eyes, got your 'air!
Your dead image, everywhere!'
Then young Brown's girl got indignant, an' young Brown 'e looked ill,
My Bill give 'im such a layin'-out, when into 'im 'e pitched,
I don't s'pose 'e'll come out o' quod, 'til after baby's 'breeched'.


All the aristocracy in Befnal Green there was seen,
Come in scores, yus they did!
For the christ'nin' of the kid.
An' I couldn't 'elp a-puttin' on some side and with pride,
Nearly bust, as I nussed
That there little gem, my fust!
After we 'ad finished eatin', we 'ad speeches galore;
Then, for two hours or more, Uncle Joe took the floor.
'E said, 'You've both done your duty to your country, it is plain,
Let's 'ope that this time next year you'll invite us all again.'


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & George Le Brunn
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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