In a little free-roomed back, where the curtains have a nack
O' gettin' fixed wiv tricky ribbon pink
There's a woman lives alone, nice and tidy on her own
The best in all the world I allus think
She ain't so weary young, and she ain't so weary old
Tho' in 'er 'air there's showing silver threads amongst the gold
She's knowed me ever since I was as tiny as a toy
In fact, she's my old muvver and she calls me her dear boy

Chorus: She's just the sort of muvver that a bloke wants eh
Ah, when she's tooked away I won't feel wery gay
As far as me an' heaven's concerned, I don't put on no side
But if Muvver ain't a goin' in well, this bloke stops outside.

O' course she likes her chat wiv the neighbours and all that
And just a little splash of noggin's too
But I never seed 'er touch a drop o' anyfink too much
She ain't inclined to paint the alley blue
When trade's been rarver 'umpty,and I've lost my bloomin luck
And for my bit o' bread and cheese and 'apence I bin stuck
The muvver's done a sort of larf to stop her case she cried
And said, 'You're all right, ain't yer while yer've got me on yer side.'


Once a little coster gal promised she would be my pal
And for a while the fing seemed werry nice
But she found anuvver bloke, then I fought my 'eart would broke
She turned up just like a solid lump of ice
The muvver understood it, tho' I 'adn't sed a word
One day she drawed me in 'er arms as quiet as a bird
'Jack, darling, don't you fret' she says
'There's uvvers good as 'er
I'll never leave yer lonely, I shall allus love yer, dear.'

Written and composed by Malcolm Arnold & George Le Brunn - 1894
Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1940)
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