P'r'aps you wonder why you see me with a smile upon my face
Why I'm looking all so jolly and so gay
I was very nearly stoney, but it's thro' my little pony
That a decent bit of luck has come to stay
I was driving to the races in my nobby pony cart
When a motor-car went wrong outside the 'Crown'
And I heard the owner swearing, in a shocking rage declaring
'That's the second time the thing has broken down'
Said he, 'I've got ten minutes left to get upon the course
And I can win ten thousand if I back a certain horse.

Chorus: 'Then what price my jolly little gee-gee?'
To the great big 'sport' I cried
'Don't stand there tearing your hair
Fortune depends upon the ride
Jump inside, come and have a ride, all along with me
Don't you fret, you'll win yet
With my jolly little gee-gee-gee.'

Then he jumped inside my little cart, and down the road we flew
And the pony, 'pon my word, he seemed to know
That he'd got to make running
And the way he went was stunning but
He always was adecent one to go
The swell he shouted in my ear, 'He's worth his weight in gold
I'll win that little pile, I'm certain sure
And I'll put you on a double which will pay you for your trouble
And I'll never trust a motor any more.'
We landed on the course in time, the road was fairly clear
And as I rubbed the pony down I whispered in his ear,


The racing was all over when I saw the swell again
And he showed me what he'd won that lucky day
Ev'ry pocket full of money - absolutely 'bees and honey'
Why, he very nearly took my breath away
He parkered out five hundred as the plucky pony's share
And a set of silver-plated harness fine
And wanted me to tell him what my figure was to sell him
But he couldn't buy that little lot of mine
We jog along together, I'm as happy as a king
And when I see a motor bust it always makes me sing,

Written and composed by Edgar Bateman & Henry E. Pether - 1907
Performed by Gus Elen (1862-1940)
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