There's bin a reg'lar 'How-de-do-dee-do' this Sunday, boys
For sich a splicing-up o' pairs you never saw
Jest seventeen of us, got wed for bett'r or wuss
And we had none of us been never spliced before
We live in Befnal Green - that's near the Old Red Church, you know
Where they ties all the coster couples up for love
There was fathers, there was mothers,
Sisters, uncles, aunts and brothers
In the pewses and the gall'ry up above.

Chorus: And the weddin' bells were ringing
And the 'Dicky' birds were singin'
As on Sundau morning we went away to married be
Arm-in-arm as stiff as starch
And we all sang 'Mercy on us'
As the parson smiled upon us
Bill popped on the ring, and then off to mother's home agen
Why, we all done the Weddin' March.

The parson he turned up pertickerlerly late, you know
We thought, at first, he meant to leave us in the lurch
Bill's concertina, he was goin' to play, you see
Till i said, 'Hush, put that away, Bill, we're in church.'
Dear Mother, she had brought a little drop of 'tiddley'
That cheered us ladies up to wait a little while
And my married sister Lisa caused a regular surpriser
When she done a sailor's hornpipe down the isle.


The deed was done, then we all came out two by two, you know
Lor, how the people cheered, and rice at us did chuck
And all the market blokes, they cracked some spicy jokes
For they said, 'Wot ho! Good old Billy! 'Arf your luck
When we sat down to breakfast, what a bloomin' do we 'ad
Such lovely speeches, songs and dances, drinks and fights
While the 'pongelow' was flowin', none of us to bed was goin'
We kept up our weddin-day, a couple o' nights.


Written and composed by Fred Cliffe & Charles Moore
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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