The Squire's Son

I'm Simon Cobb the squire's son,
A country chap who stands A.1.
A farmer's life is a jolly one,
So long as you're happy and free.
The squire leads a merry life,
Free from every care and strife;
With a happy home and a loving wife,
Oh, a country life for me.

Chorus: I'm the squire's son and I'm fond of fun,
I'm happy and free and envy none;
Wherever I may be,
Oh, a country life for me.

You should see the sport in summertime,
When the gay old lasses and wenches prime;
Make hay and reap in the harvest time,
Then our hearts are full of glee.
The squire stands them many a glass,
And chaffs with a chap and jokes with a lass;
There's no fals pride among our class,
Oh, a country life for me.


Written and composed by A.G. Vance
Performed by Alfred Vance (1839 - 1888)
From monologues.co.uk Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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